DLS-C – for precise measuring in extreme situations

The DLS-C distance measuring device measures absolute distances up to 150 m without contact and with an accuracy of 1.5 mm. It represents a cost-effective solution even at extreme ambient temperatures as low as -40° C using the optional heater.

The DLS-C has been designed to be suitable for both heavy industrial and outdoor applications. It is built of a solid metal case and provides class IP65 environmental protection. Furthermore, various features make it flexible for multiple applications in numerous industries such as automotive, paper, metal and textile.


  • Measuring range 0.05 to 150 m
  • 1.5 mm accuracy
  • Serial interface (RS-232 and RS-422)
  • High precision analog output (0.2%)
  • Two programmable digital outputs
  • Digital output for error signalization
  • Profibus interface
  • D-Sub connector and screw terminal for easy connection
  • Solid metal case IP65
  • Wide temperature range: -40 ... +50 °C

Please note that we will obsolete our current C-Series by the end of July. The production has already been stopped, requests regarding the availability are welcome. Thank you very much for your attention!

  • Product type Produkttyp Product type
    Part No. Artikel-Nr. Part No.
    Specifications Spezifikation Specifications  
    Measuring range on reflective foil Messbereich auf Reflexionsfolie Measuring range on reflective foil
    Measuring range on natural surfaces Messbereich auf natürliche Oberflächen Measuring range on natural surfaces
    Typical accuracy @ 2σ Typische Genauigkeit @ 2σ Typical accuracy @ 2σ
    Repeatability typ. Typische Wiederholungsgenauigkeit Repeatability typ.
    Max measuring rate Max. Messrate Max measuring rate
    Operating temperature Betriebstemperatur Operating temperature
    Degree of Protection Schutzart Housing
    Power supply Versorgungsspannung Power supply
    Laser red, visible Laser rot, sichtbar Laser red, visible
    Diameter laser dot at 10m Durchmesser Laserpunkt bei 10m Diameter laser dot at 10m
    Diameter laser dot at 50m Durchmesser Laserpunkt bei 50m Diameter laser dot at 50m
    Diameter laser dot at 100m Durchmesser Laserpunkt bei 100m Diameter laser dot at 100m
    Dimensions (l x w x h) Abmessungen (l x b x h) Dimensions (l x w x h)
    Weight Gewicht Weight
    Interfaces Schnittstellen Interfaces  
    Analog output, programmable, 0/4...20 mA Analogausgang, programmierbar, 0/4...20 mA Analog output, programmable, 0/4...20 mA
    Max error analog output Max. Fehler des Analaogausganges Max error analog output
    2 digital outputs, programmable 2 digitale Ausgänge, programmierbar 2 digital outputs, programmable
    1 digital output, error display 1 digitaler Ausgang für die Fehleranzeige 1 digital output, error display
    1 digital input, programmable (instead of DO1) 1 digitaler Eingang, programmierbar (anstelle DO1) 1 digital input, programmable (instead of DO1)
    RS-232 RS-232 RS-232
    RS-422 with programmable ID RS-422 mit programmierbarer ID RS-422 with programmable ID
    PROFINET (option) PROFINET (option) PROFINET (option)
    EtherNetIP (option) EtherNetIP (option) EtherNetIP (option)
    EtherCAT (option) EtherCAT (option) EtherCAT (option)
    PROFIBUS (extern) PROFIBUS (extern) PROFIBUS (extern)
    Connection Anschlussart Connection  
    Internal screw terminal Interne Anschlussklemmen Internal screw terminal
    Features Funktionen Features  
    Auto start Auto Start Auto start
    Direct connectivity of an external remote display Direktes Anschliessen einer externen Anzeige Direct connectivity of an external remote display
    External trigger for measurements Externe Auslösung von Messungen External trigger for measurements
  • Automated diameter & width measurement

    Automated diameter & width measurement

    An exact measurement is extremely important when positioning and dimensioning paper rolls. The Dimetix laser distance sensors measure the width of the paper roll using two sensors on each side of the paper roll.
    Bridge structural monitoring

    Bridge structural monitoring

    Dimetix helped make history in 2010 by collaborating with Applied Geomechanics, Inc. to develop a system to monitor the lift and placement of steel bridge truss sections on the Huey P. Long Bridge over the Mississippi River in New Orleans. The project involved transportation by river barge, lifting, and placement of the pre-assembled bridge truss spans to reduce stress on the bridge and minimize interruption of traffic. Ten DLS-C laser distance sensors were lifted aboard the 2,700 ton trusses and were used in conjunction with specially fabricated targets and software developed to monitor beam deflection during the day long lift.
    Monitoring of rockformation above railwaytrack

    Monitoring of rockformation above railwaytrack

    Dimetix sensors are used to monitor a debris flow activity. These rocks can lead to the accumulation of a mountain stream, which can lead to a flooding of a rail track. In addition, two additional lasers are used to monitor a large boulder that moves downhill and puts a village in danger.
    Monitoring transfer car position

    Monitoring transfer car position

    In a steel production facility, large transfer cars transported glowing steel plates. Due to a malfunction of the micro-switches, the cars collided at the end of a transfer line. With the help of two Dimetix lasers integrated in protective housings, a smooth production could be restored.
    Moving of large structures

    Moving of large structures

    In order to move large structures as bridges and buildings, the PolyDist system is the optimal solution. With up to 4 DLS-C / FLS-C sensors the process of moving is constantly monitored so that the structure can be moved and repositioned precisely.
    Saw blade alignment

    Saw blade alignment

    Large saw blades used for cutting different materials frequently shift out of alignment, resulting in cuts at the wrong angle and unnecessary reworking and scrap. A maintenance free laser distance sensor saw blade alignment system provided a reliable,repeatable, and cost effective means of improving production quality and eliminating unnecessary scrap.
    Silo level measurements

    Silo level measurements

    With Dimetix laser distance sensors, the level in silos can be measured exactly and at any time. The Dimetix sensors measure on different surfaces like stones, sand, grain or dark surfaces.
    AN2003 RS-422 connection to RS-485

    AN2003 RS-422 connection to RS-485

    This document explains how to connect the RS-422 interface of the DLS/FLS-C device ot a RS485 two wire interface. This application note requires special skils, therefore it must be requested by e-mail.
    AN2004 EXCEL Example

    AN2004 EXCEL Example

    This application note describes how to control a Dimetix distance sensor connected to a serial interface by VBA (Visual Basic for Application). The VBA program is integrated into an EXCEL worksheet.
    AN2005 S7 Profibus connection example

    AN2005 S7 Profibus connection example

    This application notes describe the connection of the DIMS Profibus converter to a S7 PLC and a DLS / FLS device. The S7 sample project is also available for download on our web site.

    AN2006 Timed measurement characteristic example

    AN2006 Timed measurement characteristic example

    The DLS-C and the FLS-C Laser distance sensor offers configuration possibilities for fix timed measurements. This application note gives some configuration examples and describe the specialities of the timed measurement characteristic.
    AN2010 S7 connection by RS422

    AN2010 S7 connection by RS422

    This application notes describe how to connect a DLS / FLS to a CP340 interface of a Siemens S7 PLC. The configuration and the wiring is described. In addition to this application note an example for the S7 is also available on our website.
    Floodgate position measurement

    Floodgate position measurement

    In this plant, Dimetix laser distance sensors are used to monitor floodgates. This means that the amount of water outflow is known at all times. The sensors measure the exact position of the floodgates in millimeter-precision and absolutely contactless.