KB024 Is it posible to measure on hot or glowing surfaces? [ja]

Basically a measurement on hot or glowing surfaces is possible. This has already been implemented in numerous projects using the Dimetix sensors (see Application Example Steel). Depending on the application, additional measures may be required.

It is important to protect the sensor against extreme temperatures. The sensor should therefore be installed at an adequate distance and / or inside a cooled housing.

Hot surfaces emit light over the entire spectral range and thus also within the red wavelength of the laser (Type. 650nm). The higher the temperature is, the higher the disturbance. (See picture on the left)

The filter glass integrated in the laser sensors already reduces disturbances outside of the laser’s wavelength. In order to even further reduce disturbances, an additional bandpass filter glass can be installed in front of the sensor optics.

For the alignment and selection of the filter glass, follow the instructions Measuring through glass and Minimizing optical disturbances.